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Recruiting Mistakes That Could Cost You

The work environment that we live in today is full of intense competition. Job seekers have the right skillsets and experience needed for jobs. This poses a huge challenge for employers during recruitment. Human resource personnel and hiring experts may face hurdles in determining the best fit for a position. Mistakes that may result from picking the wrong candidate during this process include:

1. Not Noting Down What You Are Looking For
You need to make a list of what you are looking for in an individual. This includes the skill sets that he or she should poses. This eliminates the recruitment of individuals who do not have any relevant skill sets required to perform a job.

Interview questions that are relevant to a position need to be developed before an interview. The technical proficiency of candidates needs to be tested too. Culture fit and soft skills of candidates should be looked into during this process.

2. Ignoring Red Flags
As an interviewer, you may build rapport with an interviewee. This makes you like a candidate. Subjectivity influences the decisions that you make. You may end up overlooking red flags such as one’s body language or tone. In the long run, you may end up hiring the wrong individual due to red flags that were earlier ignored.

3. Hiring The Best Interview Performer
The best performer may not be the best when it comes to the actual job. You need to look for an individual who knows about the job and needs that you want to fill. You do not necessarily have to choose the most confident interviewee.

A candidate may not be very great in expressing his or her thoughts but very good on the job. For instance, an accountant may not be proficient when it comes to speaking during an interview. The same individual may perform exceptionally when left alone with numbers.

4. Hiring Generalists
Do not go for an individual with versatile skills. Go for one who has specialized skills that fit the needs you have. Such an individual will be able to serve you better. Specialists can be able to bring a unique perspective of things into an organization. They are able to add more value to a role. For instance, a paediatrician would be better suited in a children’s hospital compared to a general practitioner.

An effective recruitment process needs to be developed to curb costs that may be incurred in recruiting the wrong persons. Measures such as probationary periods can also be placed. This can enable you to track the performance of a recruit. Objectivity needs to be exercised for the best fit to be hired. Costs can hereby be avoided.