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Job Description Of An Seo Expert

The main responsibility of an SEO expert is to analyze, review and implement optimization in websites, so that they are crawled and indexed by search engines. An SEO expert develops keywords, creates content and descriptions using those keywords, which increases traffic towards websites. When companies want to hire SEO experts, then they have multiple requirements and they specify the job responsibilities that SEO experts have to fulfil – I loved thisl.

Requirements For SEO Experts

SEO revolves around content, which is why it is important for an SEO expert candidate to have experience in content marketing. The candidate should know about the following things:

Content growth and how it can be made possible using SEO

Knowledge of all SEO practices

The ability to think creatively, identify problems and solve them

Verbal communication skills

Written communication skills

Ability to work with other people

Ability to work independently

Proper understanding of Google Analytics

Proper understanding of all the tools used in website optimization

Time management skills

Analytical skills

Organizational Skills

Job Responsibilities Of An SEO Expert

The optimization of websites, so that they can be crawled and indexed by search engines like Google, is not the only job responsibility of an SEO expert candidate. The other responsibilities include:

Preparing proper strategy reports

Identification of keywords that would drive traffic to a website

Running advertising campaigns like Pay Per Click

Including a call to action on the websites, to convert visitors to customers

Filling websites with keywords

Filling content with keywords, but in a subtle way

Writing SEO content for websites

Writing SEO content for blogs and optimizing it for social media websites

Link building

Analyzing the competence of keywords, by analyzing the keywords used by competitors

Analysis of the SEO techniques of competitors

Working within the guidelines provided by search engines

SEO Specialists

The three types of SEO specialists include, in-house, agency and freelance. Companies might want an in-house SEO specialist, who works as a full time employee, and has experience in the niche industry. Companies usually choose an in-house SEO specialist, because they want the specialist to work on multiple websites, and they want more access to the specialist as well. Being an in-house specialist can also mean that the expert is the only one with SEO knowledge in the company, and that can be a burden at times, to convince the top management to adopt some SEO techniques.

An SEO specialist who is sent by an agency is someone different, because they often come with a team that can be added to the professional network of the company. Agencies send specialists who have worked with big names in the industry, and a company would want an SEO specialist from an agency, if they want a low-cost option. They dont have to pay the SEO agency specialist a set salary, but a one-time fee only. If the SEO specialist doesnt deliver results, then the agency would be responsible.

Freelance SEO Specialist

A freelance SEO specialist is his own boss, and he would work harder than others, in order to gain experience and more work in the future. A freelance SEO specialist chooses his own hours, salary and benefits, and knows that if things go south, then he would be answerable to the company that hired him. Freelancers are driven by their need to get good work in the future, and they put in extra effort to make sure that every SEO technique implemented is beneficial for the company.

Interview Of An SEO Expert

SEO experts are interviewed by companies, regardless of their type; be it an in-house specialist, hired through an agency or a freelancer and they all have to first convince the company that they are wroth hiring.

Some of the common questions that candidates might have to answer are as follows:

Do you know about the SEO tools? Which tools do you prefer to use and think are effective?
What is your past work experience?
Do you know about the industry in which this company operates?
What do you know about SEO mobile and what are the strategies you think would be the most effective?
Do you think on-page SEO is more important or off-page SEO?
Do you think using social media websites for SEO is important?
Do you have any ideas about the integration of SEO knowledge, with our current design team?
What are the problems you have faced with SEO in the past?
Are you a team player, or do you work well independently?

Increasing SEO Knowledge

Regardless of the position a candidate is applying for, having complete knowledge about the area in which they are interested in, is important. When a candidate goes for an interview for the position of an SEO expert, he should always revise SEO concepts properly. At times, no matter how well versed an expert is, when they are sitting in front of four people, giving an interview, they might become nervous.

It is best to stay confident and answer each question without hesitation, and this cant happen without practice. Candidates should practice their interview in front of a mirror, so that when the time arrives, they are fully prepared for an interview, and even if the interviewee is harsh, they can still answer everything to the best of their knowledge.

Asking The Right Questions

When interviewees are taking interviews of SEO experts, asking generic questions like whether they are a team player or if they would work extra hours, is not a problem. However, when interviewing for such an important marketing position, it is vital to ask position specific questions that might be answered in detail. If an SEO candidate feels that the people interviewing him dont know about SEO, then he would use technical terms only for the sake of confusing them.