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Aspects Associated With Seo

Search Engine Optimization is a technique through which, the visibility of any web page is increased. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. store different information about different topics and subjects from all over the world. So, when a searcher or visitor types any queries in the search box of any search engine, it answers from its information store. These information stores are like the libraries, where one may get different books on the same subject. Likewise, when a search engine answers the queries of a visitor, it gives different answers from different writers on that particular topic. In this process, its not possible for the visitor to go through all the web pages it displays on the SERP. Moreover, some web pages may not be relevant for the visitor. And here comes the technique of SEO. SEO is that process of search engines through which the most relevant and useful web pages are displayed in the top of the SERP.

How SEO works?

SEO is nothing but the optimization of the relevant list of web pages which are found and listed by the search engine for the searcher as a result of his query. In this process of Optimization, a search engine goes through three steps. These are crawling, indexing and ranking & retrieval.

SEO writing:

SEO writing stands for Search Engine Optimization writing. It means writing which is written in order to grasp the attention of search engines by using specific words, titles, heading and phrases etc. These specific words or phrases or titles are known as Keyword of the web pages. These keywords are generally used to highlight the relevance of the web pages in order to increase its visibility in Search engine result pages.

SEO writing as profession:

SEO writing has become a profession. Many companies hire SEO content writers to write article or blog in their company websites on behalf of their companies to increase the visibility of their company profile pages in the Search Engine. So, SEO writing has become one of the vital components for any online industries. With the increase of Social media users, many companies even hire SEO content writers to maintain their social media pages. So SEO content writing has become a strategy for those who do digital marketing. By using Specific Keyword, Meta title or Phrases, these writers write article to attract the attention of the viewers of their websites.